What if I was SUPERMAN would I do?  If I was Superman I would probably be a different kind of Superman.  I would save people from the little thing, but the first thing I would do is solve the all the worlds problem.  If I was Superman there wouldn’t be world hunger, there wouldn’t be any terrorist, and there would be any nuclear weapons.  There wouldn’t be any super villains for that would be unrealistic because a man flying around in blue tights is very realistic.  If I was the man of steel I what would stop me from taking over the world.  No army could stop me, and I could be the leader of the whole world.  I could have anything I want, do anything I want, but even if I could do anything I want, would I still be Superman.  In order to be Superman you can’t just have his powers, you have to have his morals, duties, chivalry, and a single curl in the front of your hair. 



I thought the video of the guy who made the giant horns was very interesting, but to me the guy was very boring, he made such interesting thing, but he seemed to serious all the time, relax body have a sense of humor. I love Robot Chicken because I love stop motion animation, I am going to make a stop motion short with a bunch of other guys, and we are going to try to make it this semester.  We want to make it the highest quality animation that we can.


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