Can you imagine if a statue of a giant fork was an ancient ruin constructed by fork loving people who worshiped the almighty fork god.  Just like the ancient myans they developed their whole society to revolve around a fork.  They would probably believe that the image of the fork would represent all that is good and holy while the opposite parallel would be all that is evil and wicked would be the image of a spoon.  All the soldiers in this ancient society would carry fork like weapons, and they would have battles with the tribe of heathen spoon worshipers.  They wouldn’t eat with their forks because that would be sacrilegious, if they did they would be thrown in a pit where they would other would throw spoons at them.  In the end this religion would die out and would evolve to a different faith.  In fact one of the heathen spoon worshipers converted and became the cult leader of the new faith of spork worshipers.


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